About Me

Name: Scarlett Cayford

Age: 27

Location: London, usually in Marks and Spencer, otherwise bed.

Addictions: Eyeliner, red hair dye, approval, approval from anyone including people I don’t like, YA fiction, my own split ends, meeting new people, writing, trying to understand Twitter, finding happiness on the tube, smoked salmon, eating my eyebrow hairs.

Goals in life: To create a girls name so popular that it enters mainstream usage.

Current job: Senior Content Producer at Beamly UK.

Favourite lipstick: Ruby Woo

Favourite Tube line: Piccadilly

Am I writing a book? Why, yes I am. Isn’t everyone? I’m halfway through three. Good.

Do I read whilst on the toilet? Yes, I do.

Is that you I saw, running around Regents Park, looking like you might drop dead at any moment? Yes.

Do you sometimes think getting a nose job might be a good idea?