73 questions I hope the Gilmore Girls reboot answers

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  1. When did Jackson stop being Town Selectman, and Taylor start again?


  1. Did Jason have to move in with the Enron boys?


  1. Did Luke and Lorelai have babies?


  1. Who owns the Twickem house?


  1. What did Kirk do with all his money?


  1. Did Madeline and Louise ever leave Spring Break?


  1. Did Barack ever find out about Rory’s criminal record?


  1. Did he…. notice that she doesn’t “have it”?


  1. Did her criminal record get expunged?


  1. Does she work for Hilary now?


  1. Are Steve and Qwan hot now? (sorry)


  1. Did Brian ever get with the Replacement Laine?


  1. Did Hep Alien ever make it?


  1. Has Laine realised she’s better than Zac?


  1. Does Miss Patty have another husband (apart from The Business We Call Show)?


  1. Is Dean still surly and hot?


  1. Did Lindsay remarry?


  1. Did Michelle get a new Chow puppy?


  1. Did Rory ever send her stuff to Christian Amanpour?


  1. Arguably the worst guest star Gilmore Girls ever had.


  1. Come on, you know it’s true.


  1. Did Jackson get a vasectomy?


  1. Did anything else catch on fire?


  1. Did anyone ever fix the bells?


  1. What is Al’s Pancake World serving now?


  1. Has he finally run out of napkins?


  1. Has Lorelai killed Paul Anka yet?


  1. How is Emily doing without Richard?


  1. Pauses to cry


  1. Pauses more


  1. Carries on


  1. Did she get a dog?


  1. Has she managed to keep a maid yet?


  1. Is she angry at him for dying, given that she demanded to go first?


  1. Cries more


  1. How is Penolin Lott?


  1. How on earth do you spell Penalyn Lot?


  1. Where are Tool living now?


  1. Did Roy ever go to Fez?


  1. Did she maybe go to Fez right after Richard’s funeral?


  1. Cries again


  1. What’s April up to these days?


  1. Is she studying science at Harvard?


  1. Does she still wear that helmet all the time?


  1. How many rock polishers does she currently own?


  1. Are we ever going to get to see her mother and Jess’ Dad’s partner in the same room?




  1. What is Jess up to?


  1. Is he a famous author now?


  1. How many surly babies has he accidentally fathered?


  1. Did Anna Fairchild ever make it to Yale, or did she drop out and become an erotic dancer?


  1. Does Logan have an avocado tree?


  1. Does he work for Rupert Murdoch?


  1. Did he marry the girl with the gorilla mask?


  1. Or maybe Finn? #GAY


  1. I would marry Finn. #Australian


  1. Finn is probably dead.


  1. RIP Finn.


  1. Marty?


  1. How is Marty?


  1. Is he still a fucking miserable wet rag with good Snap-Crackle-Pop hair?




  1. Maybe they could do a crossover where Olivia has scored a starring role in a Marvel Netflix spin off?


  1. Yes?


  1. Is Olivia still making things out of trash?


  1. Yes?


  1. Are Paris and Doyle still together or did she accidentally-on-purpose kill him during a Krav Magar training session?


  1. Has Gill cut his hair?


  1. How did Luke give everyone back all of their tents and raincoats after he sewed them all together? Did he unpick them all? What about the holes? Were they mad?


  1. Did Emily sneak out to the Dragonfly Inn and install a tennis court covered over with a bubble while Lorelai was sleeping?









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